The first major homework assignment (project) has been set this week. Students must research an Antarctic Expolorer and present their findings. A two minute oral presentation supporting a written report, in a format of choice, is due on May 20th 2013. This gives students 28 days to complete this task. I can’t wait to see the projects when they are complete. Happy researching!

Footy – Interschool Sports

Round 3 v Bwood Pk
A perfect day for footy on a very good oval for junior footy. Once again we were unable to field a full side, this time due to Kea Cup clashing with our round 3 fixture. Luckily for us we have some very keen Grade 5’s happy to fill in. Thanks to Josh, Blake, Brayden and James this time. The game had a very similar feel to last week with our guys a little slow off the mark allowing Bwood Pk to jump ahead. At 1/4 time they led 0-18. The second quarter was completely different, we dominated play keeping the ball in our forward line for most of the quarter. We were able to kick a couple of quick goals and probably should have kicked 4 or 5 when you consider our dominance. At 1/2 time they still led 12-25. After 1/2 time unfortunatley we were outclassed, they got a run on and everything they tried worked and everything we tried didn’t. The O.P.S kids didn’t give up at any stage, it was simply a case of better side on the day, who were having a really good day. Hopefully we will be able to field a full side in round 4.
O.P.S             2 . 0 . 12
Bwood Pk   9 . 7 . 61 
Goals:  Kye, Justin
Best: Tyiss, Kye, Justin, Tyron, James H
Round 2 v B Fields
After a week off due to cross country a very different side took the field in round 2. Seven players were unavailable due to absence, injury or homework penalties. Luckily Grade 5 students, Bailey, Logan, Kyle and Simon were able to fill in, thanks guys. In the first quarter B Fields kicked with a very strong wind and made the most of it. They outplayed us in most positions, with our backs trying hard to limit the damage. At quarter time we were up against it trailing 33 zip. From this position it was safe to say B Fields would take the points this time, the question was by how much? To the boys credit they decided not to roll over a get beaten by 10 goals, they decided to fight it out right to the end. The next three quarters provided a very even and skilful contest in tough conditions. At the final siren, O.P.S had won the final three quarters, but unfortunately not the match. The fight shown will be remembered by the B Fields boys when we play again at Lightening Prem.
O.P.S.        4 . 9 . 33
B Fields    9 . 8 . 62
Goals: Justin 2, Simon and Bailey B
Best: Justin, Rhys, Bailey B, Ben, Bailey W, Genre
Round 1 v B Lodge
The boys go off to a great start with the ball staying down our end for most of the quarter. All players played very well and this resulted in a 3 goal quarter.
The second quarter was much of the same. Even though we attacked for most of the quarter, it was our defence that was most impressive. No one went chasing a kick, everyone stayed in the positions and as a result B Lodge found it difficult to get the ball into their forward line.
The third quarter was a more even contest with the ball going from one end to the other on the small ground. We were able score when we went forward, while they failed to make any real impression on our lead.
With the game virtually over, we seemed to ease up a bit and to B Lodge’s credit they took this opportunity and kicked two quick goals and managed to keep the ball down their end for much of the quarter. However, it was too little too late and we were able to win comfortably.
O.P.S           6 . 5 . 41
B Lodge     2 . 4 . 16
Goals: Tyron 2, Justin 2, Ben and Tyiss.
Best: Declan, Bertug, Bailey, Tyron, Justin, Ben.






ANZAC Day Ceremony

On Thursday our school held our ANZAC Day ceremony for 2013. As usual it was an excellent ceremony, highly respectful and enjoyable for all in attendance. The 6K students conducted themselves brilliantly during the ceremony, setting a great example for our younger students. Well done!
Special mention must go to Rowan, who had significant role in conducting the ceremony. Rowan represented himself, his family, our school and our grade in outstanding fashion. We are very proud of you Rowan.
Below are a few pics from the ceremony.



If you are one of the first 5 students to email Mr Kenny ( the correct answer to the question below you will receive a bonus.

Remember to put your name and answer in your email.

Q: If a car was travelling at 8km per hour, how long would it take to travel a distance of 22km?

Good luck!

ANSWER: 2 hrs 45 mins




Welcome Back!

Good to see the students of 6K back at school safe and well after a 2 week break.

Very pleasing to see so many students getting stuck into their work today. Sometimes it takes a bit to get back into the swing of it, but most seem really keen to make some real progress this term. Their effort has been outstanding and the results are sure to follow.