Antarctica Survivor

What a super day!

On Wednesday, the kids in 6K & 6L competed in our Antarctica Survivor Day! The first challenge was to acclimatise to the temperature, a chilly 5 degrees, which was also a challenge for teachers too. Once in tribes the students competed in a bunch of challenges to earn points. The challenges required students to not speak, eat gross stuff, work blindfolded, make fools of themselves and much, much more.

The enthusiasm, participation and behaviour of all students was outstanding, making it a highlight of 2013

Check out some of the pics below.


Lightening Premiership

Last Wednesday, the footy team travelled to Sweeney Reserve to participate in the Winter Sports Lightening Premiership. Poor weather threatened to stop us before the first bounce, but fortunately it stayed fine enough. This didn’t alter the fact that it was cold and very slippery under foot.

Our first game was against B.P.S, an opponent we hadn’t faced in the home and away season. We were unsure of what to expect. The O.P.S boys didn’t wait for them to show us anything, jumping to an immediate lead and running away with the match before half time. A big win gave all players a real confidence boost.

OPS              10 . 1 . 61

BPS                 1 . 0 . 6

Goals: Justin 4, Anthony, Ben 2, Tyron, Kye.


Our next match was against another new opponent, KValley. The boys approached the match in similar fashion, dominating play and keeping the ball exclusively in our forward line. At half time we spoke about not getting carried away and about how if we were to win our next couple of matches we would have to play disciplined and well structured footy. The team responded well, still dominating, while playing their position. It was impressive to see such selfless team football.

OPS                7 . 5 . 49

KValley           0 . 0 . 0

Goals: Justin 3, Kye 2, Tyron, Bailey W.


Our last pool match was against BPark. BPark were also undefeated, meaning the winner would progress to the grand final. The big stakes saw a few of our boys start to show some nerves. Also the last time we played BPark, they won comfortably. The match started well, with our boys surging forward much like the previous matches. BPark seemed to be struggling under the pressure and we were able to kick the first goal. Things changed at the half way point of the first half. They started moving the ball well and we had to shuffle things around in defence to stop their run. As a consequence of their dominance, they put on 3 straight goals and things weren’t looking good. Fortunately, just before halftime, we were able to pinch a goal against the run of play. Halftime scores were 2 . 1 to 3 . 0. The second half was extremely impressive. We took total control and had many opportunities to score. Unfortunately we only kicked 1 . 2 from the ball being down our end for 90% of the half. Even though we hadn’t taken all our chances, we still led 3 . 3 to 3 . 0 with only 2 minutes on the clock. Sadly, the BPark boys had one last effort and were able take the ball from one end to the other untouched. A mark in their forward line saw them line up for goal with a minute left. The kid was ice cool as he nimbly played on and slotted the match winner. To our boys credit they had a desparate final crack, but time ran out and BPark advanced to the GF with a 3 point win.

OPS               3 . 3 . 21

BPark            4 . 0 . 24

Goals: Justin 2, Ben.

A great day was had by all players and the coach. All the boys should be very proud of their efforts, they represented themselves and their school very well.

Antarctica Presentation

Last week the Grade 6 students were treated to a presentation from Travis’ grandfather. He presented his personal account of his experiences in Antarctica over 3.5 summer seasons. It was a terrific presentation, one that both the students and teachers enjoyed and learned from. Big thank you to Travis and his grandfather.

Melbourne F.C visit O.P.S!

The 2013 OPS footy team were very lucky to have 3 players from the Melbourne F.C come to school and take a training session. The high flying Jeremy Howe, club leader Jordie McKenzie and new draftee Nathan Stark took the boys through a series of drills used regularly in the Demon’s training. Howe, McKenzie and Stark are terrific guys and they were so positive right throughout the hour long session. They seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the boys. The session finish with a goal kicking comp, which was won by Declan, Tyreece and Bails. The guys also hung around for a Q & A and a few autographs. On the way out they mentioned how impressed they were with the team’s attitude, enthusiasm and skill level. A huge thank you to the Melbourne Football Club, for providing the OPS kids with a memorable experience.