Winter Interschool Sports – Round 2

Round 2 – OPS v BFields

Another fantastic day, weather wise, and all involved were really looking forward to a good game.

This match was another opportunity for our side to learn and practise our skills, while also getting used to playing together. We had something to address from last week’s match and this was our major focus going into the game.

We won the toss and decided to kick against a reasonably strong wind. Both teams started really well, playing good, hard and fair footy. The wind seemed to be the only difference between the two sides, with BFields clearly in front at quarter time. The second quarter was our chance with the breeze and it proved a copy of the first, with both side really cracking in and playing well and the wind clearly helping us to even up the scoreboard.

The third quarter was probably going to decide the contest, as it usually does. We started the quarter very well and were starting to really get on top. We managed to kick a terrific team goal against the wind late in the quarter to hit the front for the first time. Unfortunately, two outstanding kicks and the help of the wind yet again, enabled them to get two late goals and go into three quarter time a couple of goals in front.

The final quarter was an old fashioned arm wrestle. Plenty of ball ups and heaps of tackles. We were unable to break clear at any stage and when they kicked one against the flow, it was game over.

Overall, a super contest and a great team effort from the OPS team. More importantly our sportsmanship was perfect.

OPS – 3 – 8 – 26

BFields – 5 – 8 – 38

Goals – Jordan N, Heath S, Ryan.

Best – Jordan N, Heath S, Dale, Luke, Brayden.

Winter Interschool Sport – Round 1

Round 1 – OPS v K Valley

The footy team’s first match and the first real match for many of our team members. It is terrific to see so many students giving a new sport a shot. Considering our lack of footy experience the team played very well. They were able to match KValley in the early and middle stages of the match and the game was very even in general play, however on the scoreboard KValley seemed to move further in front the longer the game went. At 3 quarter time a win seemed out of reach, but if we played the match out in the spirit we had thus far, then we would have achieved our main aim, which was to show excellent sportsmanship and compete hard. The final quarter was amazing! Everything seemed to go our way and in the final minutes we were able to kick a goal to hit the front for the first time in the match. Well done boys and girls, a well deserved, hard fought win.

O.P.S – 6 . 3 . 39

KValley – 6 . 1 . 37

Goals – Simon 2, Liam, Blake, Ryan, Dale.

Best – Heath D, Siyan, Asher, Liam, Riley, Simon, Matt P

Bully Busters

Recently, we participated in a program called Bully Busters. This year’s Grade 6K students have participated in this program in previous year’s. However, as grade 6 students we had the responsibility of assisting our Prep Buddies while they participated in the program for the first time. Our role was to encourage the Prep students to participate, while also assisting them to remain focused for the entirety of the session. Every student did a brilliant job and should be very proud of the way in which they supported their individual buddy.

Below are some photos from the session.


ANZAC Day Ceremony

This is a fairly belated post on our ANZAC Day ceremony here at school a few weeks ago.

The ceremony was sensational, as it is every single year. The students across the whole school were outstandingly behaved and the Grade 6 students were terrific role models. My class, 6K, deserve an enormous pat on the back. Every single student, displayed the utmost respect and their behaviour during the ceremony was flawless.

While I was very proud of our grade in general, I have to single one student out for a special mention and an extra congratulations. As our school captain, Heath had the privilege and responsibility of actually playing a role in the ceremony. Heath was a flag bearer and made numerous speeches during the ceremony. Heath did an amazing job and should be very proud of himself.

Check out the pics below of Heath in action and the ceremony in general.