Refocus and Refresh – 5 Months to Go!

With only 5 months remaining until graduation, it is time to refocus and make the most of every opportunity. In Grade 6K, we have had a review of our mission and vision statements. We decided that they were too difficult to remember and had lost their impact. We have replaced our mission and vision statements with 5 key words, which carry the same messages and goals, but are far easier to remember. The words are linked to behaviours and they also tie in closely with our classroom rules. Our aim is to live by these words and use them to guide our behaviour, when we do this our learning opportunities will be maximised and we get the most out of ourselves and the most out of our time at school.


Term 2 Wrap

Grade 6K finished off the term very well. Towards the end of term the students were involved in many enjoyable events. We had our Mother’s Day afternoon tea, where we had a terrific turn out. Winter Interschool Sport concluded with a Lightning Premiership. I was coach of the football team and they did really well. All reports on the day were complimentary in regards to the student’s effort and attitude, so all students should be proud of their efforts. Most students presented their Student Led Conference. Each student put in an enormous amount of work and they all did an outstanding job in presenting to their parents. The final highlight for the term was Antarctica Survivor. The much anticipated day was enjoyed by all. 6 months down and 6 months to go!