Don’t Forget Our Camp Blog

Our 2015 camp blog is chugging along nicely now. We already have a stack of important info up (permission notices can be downloaded if they have been misplaced), along with some fun stuff like expert camping tips and links to some interesting websites.

Most importantly we will be providing readers with daily updates and photos from the Prom.

Click the link below, check it out and while you are there, why not add your own thoughts by posting a comment.

Oatlands @ The Prom –

Outstanding Work

Congratulations Bree & Kaleb! Their work was deemed to be our ‘Outstanding Work’ for this week. Bree created a poster displaying all our classroom rules & values and Kaleb designed a shield/poster which included important things about himself. Well done!


Camp Blog 2015

Our ‘Oatlands @ The Prom’ camp blog is up and running for 2015.

Hit the link below and check it out. Make sure you enter your email and subscribe to be notified when the blog is updated.

The aim of this blog is to provide readers with the following info;

  • Key info regarding camp preparation.
  • Key dates and times (departure and arrival)
  • Expert camp tips
  • Daily updates
  • Daily photos

Oatlands @ The Prom –