J’Lee’s a VGK!

On Monday at our whole school assembly, J’Lee was announced as a VGK. Miss Doyle presented her badge and said some lovely things about J’Lee. This recognition was very well deserved, well done J’Lee. 

Bully Busters

We took part in a Bully Busters session with our prep buddies this week. Our job was to support and guide our buddies during the session. All students were brilliant in the way that they encouraged and assisted their buddies, enabling them to get the most out of the session. Well done 6MK!


Mother’s Day Morning Tea

Thank you to all our special guests for taking time out of your days to join us for morning tea. Your effort was truly appreciated.

A measurement of happiness and enjoyment has to be smiles and plenty of smiles were seen this morning.

Check out the pics below and see for yourself.

First Aid

Today we took part in a First Aid Awareness course provided by St John’s Ambulance. It was only a short 45 min session, but most got something out of it.

Cross Country

Overall, the students of 6MK performed very well at today’s cross country trials. Before the races we spoke about giving it your best effort and from where I watched the action all students really put in. 

A special mention must go to James, Panchali, J’Lee and Mason for winning their races. Well done and good luck for the district trials.