School Production Costume

School Production Costume


Dance Pants or Leggings

Tank Tops

Street Shoes or Basketball Boots



Tank Tops

Street Shoes or Basketball Boots

Optional Extras

Snap Back – Flat Peak Caps




Please note: Colour of pants, shorts, tank top and shoes is a personal choice

Cyber safety Work

CyberSafty Videos
2 girls were angry at each other because one of them apparently posted bad photos of the other one, but the one who posted it says that she didn’t do it, it was someone else

2 boys are staying up late playing video games and don’t get enough sleep resulting in them falling asleep in class, one of the boy’s parents is making an appointment with a teacher to solve the problem.

Of the 2 boys with the gaming problems one of them is saying that he is researching homework tasks but really is playing video games.